Our Story

Eyia was created to be different from other foot care companies.

For too long feet have been overlooked, under-loved and poorly maintained. We say no more!

Eyia was born out of the desire to help people get that soft foot feeling back again.

On the journey of searching for the “best foot creams online” we realised a few things. Regular moisturises simply don’t work on our feet. The skin is 8x thicker than anywhere on your body else so it’s no mystery why. Shoe companies are better at making shoes than creams (shock). The cosmetic companies often just relabel hand cream. The experience of using the few good products out there is one that makes you feel like there is something seriously wrong with you. And finally, some people have been struggling with rough, dry feet for a long time and never realised this problem is temporary!

So, we decided to think about this differently. If we made a foot cream from scratch, for everyone, what would it look like?

Meet Hugo

Our founder Hugo created Eyia out of frustration with bad feet, substandard products, horrible brands and overpriced or simply too cheap to work products.

It all started when Covid-19 struck and he was locked down at his childhood home with his parents and girlfriend. Hugo and his Dad were running lots and started to see their feet roughen up. His mum and always used creams for her dry feet but never found anything outstanding. And poor Isabel (his girlfriend and brand director) realised that pedicures were off the cards and she just wanted soft, protected feet as part of her daily routine.

He asked around, he learned a lot of people were finding it hard to find a good foot cream too, so he decided to do something about it.

Over the next 6 months, he set out to completely reinvent the foot cream. The highest quality, clinical-grade natural ingredients. A brand that made you feel good using it. And a dedication to doing one thing well.

Our mission: Better foot care for a better life

Eyia was put on this planet to introduce the world to soft feet again.


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quality ingredients with no nasties

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